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Kangal Dogs, why? 

Kangal Dogs

Kangals are livestock guardian dogs originating from Sivas, Turkey. They are said to be strongest dogs in the world and hold the crown for the top bite. These dogs have been used as guardian dogs to protect sheep and other flocks against bigger predators such as wolves, jackals, and bears.

Why do you need something so fierce?

Would you trust ANY dog(s) to protect your investment? This farm, these animals are our investment. Kangals have a reliable and predictable temperament. Fierce protectors yet, gentle livestock guardian dogs.  



Kaan is a masculine given name and surname of Turkic origin, meaning "ruler", "King of Kings"  
Kaan is our second purebred Kangal. We had our first experience with a Kangal cross and we knew we needed more. We introduced Cahide, and she has been and absolute blessing.  Xena is our Kangal cross and she is an absolute amazing guardian dog. 
We also have a Maremma, Sophie, she is extremely docile. She is amazing dog as well, but she would gladly be an inside dog if we let her. 


What is next, you ask...

We decided after several years of buying replacement guardian dogs that we would keep an open mind about possibly breeding for replacements. We are now at that turning point in are farming life. We are introducing a male Kangal, Kaan. The same testing for OFA hips and elbows apply to Kaan, just like Cahide. Once we get the green lights we then see what happens next and once again- we update this website and tell you how to possibly acquire one of these AMAZING dogs.

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