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A little more about us....

A little insight to as what we do and why we do it. We are down to earth, simple people who love to be outdoors with our animals, to dig in the dirt and enjoy what we have been blessed with. We strive for healthiness, happiness and peace. We offer farm visits if you need a break away from the city to come sit on the porch and relax. If you stay too long- we will put you to work!

Kangal pup introduction to the sheep
Why Hair Sheep?
While we were researching what animals would come to reside on our farm- with any big major life changing event- research is a must. We needed animals that "fit" our needs. We needed gentle animals that enjoyed being with and around people. Katahdins are people sheep, they are gentle, lovable, friendly and incredibly cute. That is not the only good thing about them, they are hair sheep- as they require no shearing like wool sheep. They shed their winter hair coat, that means less maintanence for people like us. However, we like to brush them and they like it too. Ewes are great mothers, lamb easily on pasture, no need to help with deliveries. Parasite resistance is amazing- we do not worm unnecessarily. We do monitor fecal floats on a regular basis to maintain the health status of our flock. 
Great tasting some say "sweet" meat, has a mild flavor- who doesn't like meat?
Known as a very hardy breed- adapts well to its environment. 
Statistics on growth rates are considerably higher vs other ruminents in comparison. 
Rams grazing

Why Pasture Raised?
It is virtually FREE- We offer our sheep &  poultry unlimited access to the pasture, where they feast on various grasses such as tall fescue, clover, milk thistle, dandelion, and various small trees and forbs, depending on the season. Access to insects, which also serves a form of pest/ parasite control.
In return, we save money on feed and our poultry produce amazing tasting bright orange egg yolks,and meat:our sheep produce sweet, mild tasting lamb.
All of our animals are pasture raised and are never given unecessary growth hormones or antibiotics. 
We know where our food comes from and strongly believe everyone else should too. 

Meet the farmers, Chasity & Christian
How did we get here?

With the ever changing scenes of what the media promotes is good for you and the growing big pharma issues- we have always been deemed "tree huggers" and have tended to the natural as possible approach. Now more than ever, we feel that it isn't only an option, as it is a necessity to eliminate processed foods, big pharma and GMOs from our lives as much as we possibly can. We are not organic- but we strive to be as close to that as feasibly possible. We limit our chemical/ medication dependance.  
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