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Dexter Cattle, why little cows?

Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle have originated in Ireland, they are half the size of of a traditional Hereford and a third size of a Holstein. Dexter's are small, friendly and dual purpose. 

We chose to raise Dexter cattle, because at one point in our lives we had a tiny little plot of land, 6.34 acres. Although that size was perfect for a few cows plus our sheep, but we wanted more.  They are incredibly easy on the land and require half of what a normal sized bovine requires. We also plan to milk and have no needs for a potential 7 gallons of milk a day. Dexters will produce 1-2 gallons of milk a day and you can train to calf share. A perfect sized cow for a homestead. They are incredibly curious, cute and fun. They are docile and you will have them eating from your hand in no time. We have since sold that little piece of heaven and relocated to a much larger farm, which has allowed us to grow our herd. We plan to offer registered Dexters and Dexter beef.  Please see our next page "Calves for Sale" to see what we have available at present. 

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