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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Why Goats? 

Daisy Mae enjoying some lap time, goat yoga training

I mean who doesn't LOVE goats?  No really? We have been sheep farmers for some years now. Are we changing directions? YES and NO. We not so long ago, had a few myotonic goats and have realized that the Nigerian Dwarfs are a better fit for our farm. We will also, remain sheep farmers, but we want to offer our love of the farm and all things farm to the public, sorta. What does that mean? Story goes- we took a class on Agritourism back in the middle of the pandemic. We have decided that we want to offer something more hands on the farm, besides Lamb Snuggles, see the Katahdin Sheep tab for more information on that. 

Goat Yoga 2024- stay tuned, check back or follow us on Facebook for the exact dates of our next Goat Yoga session. It will be in the Spring 2024

IMG_20220507_144013 (1).jpg
doeling kid, just born
Vincent Van Goat- buckling kid
Ellie Mae, jumped in the Subaru for a goat ride
Oscar Brown Boots, Nigerian Dwarf
Ever seen a goat in a dress
Vincent Van Goat, Nigerian Dwarf
Maggie Blue and doeling
Golden Nugget Boo Myotonic/ Nigerian Dwarf/
Oscar Brown Boots, Nigerian Dwarf
TimBuckto resting in the water trough
Tommy Two Tone, Nigerian Dwarf
Daisy Mae- goat kid on the couch
Honey Lil Poo, Nigerian Dwarf
Lil Bo Peep Myotonic/ Nigerian Dwarf
Cindy Lou/ Lil Bo Peep Myotonic/ Nigerian dwarf cross
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