Katahdin sheep are adaptable, hardy- produce a superior lamb crop; great mothering abilities. No fleece/wool means no shearing, low maintenance. Amazing parasite resistance.

About Black Locust Katahdins

 We have recently RELOCATED- please note our new farm address. We raise registered Katahdin Hair Sheep on our small farm located in Southern Middle Tennesssee. We are approximately  1.5 hours south of Nashville, TN. 40 mins north of Huntsville, Al We are all natural, pasture- raised farm. Vaccinated with CD&T.  Fecal floats performed on regular intervals to prevent unnecessary use of anthelmintics. Negative for OPP & Johne's. We genotype at codon 171 for scrapie susceptibility. 

Ivory with lambs
Storm with lambs
Freckles with lambs
Brownie with Lucy
Hank & Titan
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Black Locust Katahdins, Christian & Chasity Corriveau, 239 Henry Bayless Rd, Ardmore, TN 38449

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