Green Black Walnut Extract, wild harvested green black walnut hulls make this amazing tincture. Steeped in grain alcohol for months. Green Black Walnut has amazing benefits that start with drying of mucus, to healing wounds. 

I began using Green Black Walnut Extract many years ago, I was searching for an alternative to Malarone. Malarone is the prescription drug used for a malaria prophylaxes. I needed to travel to Thailand and I needed protection. All of the stories I heard from other taking this prescription warned me not to. SO, I sought out a natural remedy.  17 yrs ago, WHO actually recommended  Green Black Walnut Extract as a malaria prophylaxes . The WHO no longer stands behind this herbal treatments. I took the extract, my (at the time) children and parent also took the extract. 

More recently- I have taken this product in conjunction with the Mullein Extract, while my husband and I suffered a more recent virus. This again, is why I have created this shop to share my wild harvested, herbal supplements that are tried and true.

Wild Harvested Green Black Walnut Hull Extract