Wild Harvested , dehydrated Tennessee elderberries. I cannot say these are organic, but I can say these are as close to nature as you will possibly get. We (husband and I) wild harvest elderberries every year. We start in April when the white blooms overcome the landscape, we drive around the country roads and write down on a board, where we will visit in August to pick these little berries of purple happiness. It is a game of chase of who will get to the berries first, us or the birds. This year the birds almost beat us, but we still managed to get a fair share for us and enough to share. 
We have packaged them in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber. This is the first time we have offered them for sale. With the growing demand for healthy lifestyles, we figured we can share some knowledge and a few of our amazing berries. 

Each mylar bag is approximately 4 oz by wt. You will get some genuine TN elderberry sticks and leaves. These berries are MINIMALLY processed. 
These are NOT Amazon berries, we picked every single one, I promise.

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Wild Harvested Dehydrated Tennessee Elderberries