Strawberry Tea Bags
These are a special blend- We blended it. This tea is created with locally grown and harvested strawberries, we pick all of our berries from Brown Farms. We then clean, slice, dehydrate -the berry and the tops. Add Gunpowder green tea for the perfect sweet strawberry flavor. This tea contains caffeine from the green tea. We added sugar to perfect the mixture of strawberries/ strawberry tops/ green tea. We suggest you use local honey for the added benefits and immune booster. 

Why Strawberries? Strawberry tops? Green Tea? 
Cognitive function, low glycemic index, contain anthocyanins (protects your heart), reduce hypertension, prevent allergies- esp if you use local honey. Promotes healthy digestion. Aside from the naturally occurring caffeine in green tea- it too maintains some of the same benefits as being heart healthy, Protect the brain from aging. High in antioxidants- that lowers your risk of some cancers. 

What you get- 10 tea bags, loaded with the absolute best berries in the area. Sealed. In a brown kraft bag for storage. Approximately 3 oz. 

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Strawberry Tea Bags