Pastured raised, free range chickens give us an abundance of eggs, we dehydrate them in order to preserve them for the longest time possible. Also, making them shelf stable and able to ship without the fear of breaking them. We decided to preserve them for ourselves and figured we could pass on our extra goodies on here too. Who doesn't LOVE fresh eggs from happy chickens? Our girls are spoiled rotten, they are the happiest chickens in Lincoln County. 
One mylar package is sealed with an oxygen absorber present. Resealable with a zipper closure. Bakers dozen, approximately 13 tbsp of golden happiness. Mix 2 tbsp of water per 1 tbsp of egg powder, let sit for reconstitution. COOK, as you would any egg recipe. 
These are RAW eggs. 

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1 tbsp egg powder + 2 tbsp water= 1 fresh pasture raised chicken egg

Each mylar package is approximately 4. 2 oz by wt

Pastured, Free Range, Dehydrated Chicken Eggs