Ground Pastured Farm Fresh Egg Shells. These are FARM FRESH egg shells, they have been dried to reduce the sticky. They have then been ground for ease of use. There is so many uses for fresh egg shells, I am going to list a few. You decide why you need them in your life and then rush over here and order them!

4 oz of Pastured Crushed Egg Shells. 

Calcium supplement for your CHICKENS
Calcium supplement for your DOGS- mix it in their raw diet. 
Sprinkle in and around your garden, deters cats from using it as a litter box and slugs from eating all you tasty greens. 
Wild bird food. 
Put in your coffee when brewing for a less bitter taste. 
Wash down the drain to help clean back ups.
Add to your apple cider vinegar regime.
Take it for yourself, a little extra calcium. 
Add to laundry. 
Make a natural toothpaste. 
Make a facial scrub. 

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Pasture Raised, Ground Egg Shells