Maple Syrup Pork Jerky

You love the taste of authentic Canadian Maple Syrup? YOU will. How about pasture raised AMERICAN PORK? Love it! 
Well my husband is Canadian and what a better combination than real maple syrup and pasture raised pork. It is a VERY sweet, krispy treat that I am sure you will love. 

We are farmers, we raise these animals with the utmost love and respect. We give them and amazing life and in return they nourish our bodies, believe it or not- they also take care our mental health too. We enjoy this lifestyle. 

Feel free to follow our farm page on Facebook, Instagram and we also have a webpage. You can see these amazing animals and the lush lifestyle they live. 

Resealable Mylar bag with oxygen absorber, 3 oz of AMERICAN PORK.

Maple Syrup Pork Jerky