Raw Goats Milk Lotion

As with all of our other products- this one too has a story. One of four daughters is a marathon runner- Some time back I sent her a box from another farmer that sold goats milk lotions soaps and etc. I forgot about it honestly. She sends me a text pic and tells me she needs more of this. It is a picture of Goats Milk Lotion. I reached out to a few people to see who it could have been and to place another order. Found my person, they no longer make it or sell it. I told my daughter the story- she was pretty upset as she said this particular lotion helps her tremendously with the leg cramps after a race. 

I was immediately on a mission-someone would surely share a recipe. NOPE. Someone would sell a recipe. NOPE.  Mission just became a ton more difficult. Time to level up. 

After a ton of research about goats milk and the amazing benefits it provides to your skin- I clearly had to come up with a recipe and give it a shot. I have learned more than I had cared to know about goats milk. 

Once again- I have purchased everything to make this creamy, soft amazingly thick, white heavenly substance they call Goats Milk Lotion. My daughter prefers peppermint, she thought it was the "mint' that helped with cramps. Turns out goats milk contains lactic acid and that is what helps reduce the soreness, it holds the moisture in the cells. 

I prefer the scent of Thieves Oil, so of course I had to try that scent. I make my own oil blend. I absolutely love it. I also made an unscented for people who cannot tolerate essential oils. I do not have yet made- but plan to make a Lavender essential oil. Stay tuned for that scent to show up. 

So this stuff is kinda hard to make. WHY? Well, when I told the husband what I had planned to project- his task was to MILK THE GOAT! Have you ever milked a goat??? I am not sure I will ever hear the end of this. 

I am gonna include some cute goat pics in here, these obviously are not for milking- you will see why! But, we have to have babies in order to have goats milk. 

I am hoping you will help me buy an automatic milker and save my husband !! HE will appreciate it.  

I tried the original lotion in amber glass bottles, however to keep costs, shipping down, supply shortages, etc. I ended up with plastic pump  bottles.  

We really do like all things as natural as possible- but with the main ingredient being a milk- we MUST use a preservative. We have chosen Optiphen, it is paraben free and formaldehyde free.

Please follow our farm page to see how we do, what we do. I am sure you will get some chuckles along the way as well. We are Black Locust Katahdins on Facebook, Instagram.

Goats Milk Lotion