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Freeze Dried Raw Heavy Cream

Have you ever heard of it? We will try to freeze dry anything at least once. Well, it worked! Wondered how magical this stuff is? This right here is the cats meow.. One of our lifetime goals was to purchase a freeze dryer to make and preserve our own foods. We also want to share our stuff with others. We want to share our lifestyle as well. We welcome people out to the farm to get hands on experience of our day to day joys. You don't have to own a farm to enjoy the fruits of our labors. We know not everyone is made for the farm life. Another reason we want to offer up our goods- people that appreciate real food, hard work and want to support local farmers like us. 
There has been a recent change to the Cottage Laws in TN and while "fluid milk" is prohibited for sale, except for "herdshares" or "pet consumption only", there is still some gray areas as to the sale of "dry goods". 

With all of that being said, we are offering herdshares in the option of 3 oz mylar bag / 2 cups of dry matter- that are safe for human consumption, but use at your discretion. Although, this is a dry product that has a very long (10+ yrs) shelf life if stored properly. 

When reconstituted this mylar bag can makes 4 cups of ready to use, heavenly white stuff.
While this part is confusing- the reconstitution rate of magical white powder to water- DEPENDS on you.  So, being that we LOVE heavy cream in our coffee, we would use a teaspoon in your cup. Use your discretion. This is the heavy cream we use to make homemade butter, although we use fresh cream and have not tried to reconstitute it and make butter- I feel like it would be the same. 

I would feed animals the 4 cup recipe.  This is so incredibly creamy- I am not sure I would share, but that is your discretion. If your goal is to put some weight on an animal, this should do it. 

If you want to know more about this FREEZE DRYING process, please look up for more insight in this process.

Feel free to follow us on social media to learn more about us, our practices, how we raise our animals and just in general to catch a few laughs along the way. We have a website at if you are not on social media. If you are- we are Black Locust Katahdins on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok . We often post updates, videos of our day to day routines or what to expect next on here. Come check us out. AND THANK YOU, for supporting farmers like us!

Freeze Dried Raw Heavy Cream

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