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Freeze-Dried, Raw (Chevon) Goat Chops, Pasture-Raised, From Field to Table: The Cultured Feast Awaits

Imagine the sun-drenched expanse of a Tennessee pasture, the air sweet with clover and wildflowers. Picture a herd of goats, frolicking and nibbling under endless blue skies. This is the origin story of our freeze-dried, raw (chevon) goat chops - a tale of nature's bounty and sustainable indulgence.

This is raw freeze dried, pasture raised right here on our farm.  You must reconstitute and cook like you would normally cook raw chevon. Shelf stable as long as it remains in the mylar bag with oxygen absorber. The shelf life on freeze dried products is upward to 25 years. 
2 oz by wt in a resealable mylar bag with an oxygen absorber. 

Great for hiking/ camping trips were taking a cooler full of fresh meats isn't an option. These little mylar bags are super lightweight. Once a product is freeze dried there is NO moisture in the product and you must reconstitute it to make it ready to cook and eat. 

Soak meat in a small bowl of water for about 30 mins or overnite and it will be ready in no time. Cook as you would fresh chevon . Enjoy the benefits of pasture raised without all the work.

These are also great treats for pets. Amazing source of proteins.

Thank you for supporting small farmers like us. If you want to learn how our farm operates and see how our animals are handled/ treated feel free to follow us on FaceBook, TikTok, Instagram or if you do not have social media- we also have a webpage. We are very transparent and welcome people to peak into our world.

Freeze-Dried, Raw (Chevon) Goat Chops, Pasture-Raised, From Field to Table: The

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