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Freeze Dried Pasture Raised Beef Liver

This is All American Beef Liver from a real Dexter steer. If you do not know what Dexter's are- they are a breed of cattle that come from Ireland. They are a dual-purpose cattle breed for meat and milk. They are smaller than your typical cattle you see every day. They are great for homesteaders as they are gentle on the land. As we raise smaller livestock such as sheep and goats, we don't have to separate them as everyone gets along. They are often referred to as miniature cows. Very gentle and lots of fun. 

We are not preppers- but like to refer to ourselves as prepared. We utilize everything from the land. We freeze dry, most everything as the shelf life is incredibly long. Sometimes we have extra stuff and offer it on our Etsy page. We love to teach people about our way of life, even if it isn't for everyone. 

So, let me tell you about this beef. We generally send our guys out to butcher at 12-18 months of age. This yields very young and tender beef. Dexter flavor is compared to Wagyu beef. I have never eaten Wagyu- so I cannot speak for that. I do know that I am spoiled and this all the beef I will eat. 

The freeze-drying process takes the moisture out of the product- however you chose to process it. If you put it in raw it comes out raw. If it is cooked, it comes out cooked. 

So, you want to know how this package benefits you? It is shelf stable. Keep out of direct sunlight. Use as much or as little as you want. Humanely raised. 
2oz of freeze dried beef liver per mylar bag. Reconstitution required. Place in small dish of cold water and let sit. Cook as normal after it is soft again. 

No need to worry if you store is out of beef. No price gouging here. And you can visit our farm page to see how these animals live and are treated. 

Feel free to follow us, visit us or drop us a message. We have several social media accounts and often share funnies from the farm. We are Black Locust Katahdins there also. Thank you for supporting small farmers, like us.

Freeze Dried Pasture Raised Beef Liver

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