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Freeze Dried, Farm- Raised Pulled Pork

This is All American Pork  from American raised pork. This is not a commercially produced pork product, this is REAL food, REAL meat, REAL fresh! 

We are not preppers- but like to refer to ourselves as prepared. We utilize everything from the land. We freeze dry, most everything as the shelf life is incredibly long. Sometimes we have extra stuff and offer it on our Etsy page. We love to teach people about our way of life, even if it isn't for everyone. 

So, let me tell you about this amazingly tasting farm raised pork. We hadn't consumed pork in about 10 years due to every time I had eaten commercially produced pork products- I almost immediately got a headache- it wasn't your every day headache. I felt like the top of my head would explode kinda headache. We reluctantly tried farm raised pork and we were hooked. NO headaches. Now we gladly eat pork with no issues. 

This is already cooked, defatted, deveined and shredded or some call pulled pork. I have done all the hard work in this preparation- literally all you have to do is add your favorite BBQ sauce, mayonnaise or however you eat this amazing stuff. . This 2.5 oz of freeze dried  crumbles pulled pork is equal to 3/4 lb of fresh pork butt. 

Add this to any meal requiring pork, or heat, serve and eat. Great for camping, hiking, marathon running. 

The freeze-drying process takes the moisture out of the product- however you chose to process it. If you put it in raw it comes out raw. If it is cooked, it comes out cooked. I have to add freeze drying doesn't like fat, butter and chocolate- all my favorite things. 

So, you want to know how this package benefits you? It is shelf stable. Keep out of direct sunlight. Use as much or as little as you want. It is ready to eat, ready to add to a quick meal. Add Hawaiian bred, mayo or BBQ sauce, cheese and supper is literally done. Humanely raised. 

No need to worry if you store is out of meat. No price gouging here. And you can visit our farm page to see how these animals live and are treated. 

Feel free to follow us, visit us or drop us a message. We have several social media accounts and often share funnies from the farm. We are Black Locust Katahdins there also. Thank you for supporting small farmers, like us.

Freeze Dried, Farm- Raised Pulled Pork

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