Dehydrated Chicken Feet, the best treat for your furry friends. 

These treats are all natural, chickens raised on our farm. We have a saying around here "nothing goes to waste" and we live by that. We raise meat chickens for ourselves and sell to locals. Years ago we decided to make "dog treats" and it turns out our two little house dogs absolutely love these treats. 
Years ago, we used to BUY expensive dog treats, that almost resulted in us losing our beloved, Cleopatra, turns out she had septicemia from purchased dog treats. That was the end of our commercial dog treat buying days. We now only make homemade dog treats. We offer the chicken feet and another product we call "smakerals" and yes they know exactly what we are talking about. 

Each package contains 5 dehydrated chicken feet

Made with food grade materials= Safe for Human Consumption

Dehydrated Chicken Feet