Homemade Chaz's Rocking Peach Salsa
This is MY tried-and-true recipe, it has taken me several years to get this to perfection.  We pick our peaches from a local farm, Matheson Farms, they are located in Lewisburg, TN, if you are ever in the area at peach season, this is a MUST stop. They have SO many varieties, I cannot tell you our favorite, we love them all. 
We also do our best to support other farmers in the area. 
Back to this salsa recipe- it contains tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, pineapple, peaches, jalapenos and spices. This salsa is water-bathed to extent its shelf life, you may also refrigerate.

We strive for farm fresh foods; we often make too much and are then able to offer some of our goodies up to share. We love to cook, eat and chat about the farm life. 

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Chaz's Rocking Peach Salsa