Blueberry Banana Jam
Handmade- Homemade
Locally grown and harvested blueberries at the peak of PERFECTION. Amazing little purple berries, juicy and loaded with flavor- not to mention the health benefits (of fresh blueberries) 

Yes, this has some unhealthy stuff in it- like sugar.  But once you taste it.... my son said "you should be able to take over the world with this jam". I always use the family and friends for new recipes, if it passes their tests then the recipe is saved 

These blueberries are grown and harvested right here in Lincoln County, Tennessee. We are small farmers trying to share our happiness. 

Please follow our farm page to see how we do, what we do. I am sure you will get some chuckles along the way as well. We are Black Locust Katahdins on Facebook, Instagram.


Thank you for supporting small farmers like US

Contains: local grown and harvested blueberries, bananas, sugar, pectin, lemon juice. 
8 oz/ 236 mls
Small batches of love (in a jar)

Blueberry Banana Jam