Have you ever tasted authentic Mexican Coffee? Cafe De Olla. A girlfriend inspired this flavor, she was raised in Mexico. She is home recovering from a very lengthy bout of Covid. I tell her about the hot chocolate bombs I am making for the grands this year- she says "you know what- I wish you could make a coffee I used to drink in Mexico" 


After several tried recipes. I have the ONE! 

She texts me and says "your creation took me to my childhood"

My heart SWELLED and now we have a new product in the Esty shop. 

Do you enjoy making people happy, I sure do and this totally did it!

This ad is for 4 Cafe De Olla, Mexican Coffee bombs. I will make these fresh when you order. This is a VERY SWEET coffee. I love it with hot milk.

(4) Cafe De Olla (Mexican Coffee) Hot Chocolate Bombs